Pink Perfect (Papercut Adrift)

Thank you to Style Maker Fabrics for providing the fabric for this post.

Last year I made a simple little blush pink dress which quickly became my go-to dress for weddings, date nights, nights out, and even occasionally work. Although I still wear it, the delicate rayon has sadly become a bit threadbare, and the dress needs replacing! This time, I chose a much more vibrant pink--this hot pink rayon crepe from Style Maker Fabrics. Side note: if you haven't sewn with rayon before, you should. It's the nicest fabric, soft and drapey, and works for anything that you want to be pretty and floaty--without costing a fortune or being impossible to wrangle under your presser foot.

I'm very happy with the way the dress turned out and I think it will be a perfect replacement for last February's dress. If you ask my college friends, they will tell you my perfect party dress is covered up top (preferably with sleeves) and short short short--this dress totally fits the bill. (I'd also say this skirt feels even shorter than it looks, if that makes sense, because of the front wrap and flounce--I don't know about you but I feel like a flounce wrap is just begging for a Marilyn Monroe moment... wear a slip, and skip this one on a windy day!)

I didn't make any fit changes, but I did simplify one part of the construction--instead of putting buttonholes, a drawstring, and a drawstring casing at the waist, I just serged my waist line seam allowance and sewed in a strip of elastic! This way I can add a coordinating belt, rather than a drawstring. When I make this pattern again, I'll do the same thing; it's just so easy and doesn't make a huge difference in style.

I'd also like to make the second view of this pattern, which adds a waistband to the bottom for a skirt version. If you're wondering what that looks like, you're in luck!

Tabitha Sewer is showing off her skirt version--in structural scuba!--over on her feed today, go check it out!


ps: yeesh i really need a haircut!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! It looks fantastic, but I don't think I could stop worrying about those flounces catching the slightest breeze and flying right up! Definitely calls for a cute slip :) The color is perfect for you, and it looks so fun!

  2. Oh my goodness you're like a pink Tinkerbell! What a cute delicate-looking dress.

  3. Very cute!! I'm confused about what you did at the waist. You serged the bottom and top together and like zig zaged elastic on top of the seam allowance?

    1. That's exactly right. The elastic is only sewn to the seam allowance so the stitching is not seen on the outside of the dress.



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