#anorlaaffair wrap up (+ winners!)

Hey y'all! Orla month has come to a close. We'll be announcing winners soon, but before we do that, I wanted to do sort of a link dump of everything that Maddie, Anya, Rachel, and I have created this month to celebrate this versatile, basic, (and don't forget freeee) pattern. It's a lot! To start off, I made four Orla dresses... (Click the link below the image to be taken to the full post.)

I can't tell which is my favorite--I think it's between the eyelet one (it's the most fun) and the stripes (the most wearable), although the vintage-inspired seersucker one has gotten the most wear during this hot weather... 

Maddie started us off with Eleven Fantastic Variations for the Orla Dress. Although I'm partial to some classic stripes, she went with the slightly edgier lace-up front bodice (plus tutorial!) and made us some extra sweet embroidery patterns.

Since the Orla is a free pattern, it doesn't come with illustrated instructions, just written ones! Rachel rectified that and drew us some illustrated instructions on how to make the Orla. Her Tropical Orla with a boatneck and button back is cool for summer.

Anya is an Orla tutorial machine: or her Sleeveless Striped Orla she made tutorials on Making Stripes, Drafting a Sleeveless BodiceDrafting an all-in-one Facing for your Sleeveless Dress, and Drafting In-seam Pockets! Finally, she provided complete instructions on Sewing a Sleeveless Dress so you can make one just like hers! She also made a dressier Orla with a box-pleated skirt and a flattering v-neck. Personally I'm blown away by her totally magic transformation of the Orla into a super-cute shift dress, which I never would have even imagined.

That's what we've made, but y'all are the ones who have impressed me the most!! The #anorlaaffair tag on instagram is absolutely incredible. I've loved seeing everyone's creations, from experienced pattern hackers to first-time dressmakers. It was so hard to pick--you've made so many amazing dresses! Be sure to pop over to instagram and take a look at all the pretty Orlas and then check out the winners over on Maddie Made This. And if you made a dress... thank you so much for participating and making this month such a success!!

Do you get sick of seeing the same dress all over the internet? Personally, I love seeing everyone's different takes on the same pattern, but do you think it gets samey?


ps: a big thank you to French Navy, too, for providing this pattern for freeeee!

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