Sewing Break: Warby Parker Glasses

Sewing break! Did you know I wear glasses? I think the last (only?) time they were spotted on the blog was here, three whole years ago! I hardly ever wear them during the day--usually I put my contacts in first thing in the morning and take them out when I wash my face at night--but I'd really like to be a little more flexible and wear my glasses more. After all, I am a librarian; glasses and cardigans are like, what we do, right?

So... help me pick out some new ones! I ordered the home try-on kit from Warby Parker and I'd love to hear what you think of my options. I got three styles of frame and a few different colors. Which one do you like best? I kind of like the tortoise with the purple flecks ("violet magnolia") in it which they make the Chelsea and the Finch out of (what type of turtle do they get that from? ;) and although already have pink glasses, the clear pink is a little more subtle... I don't know! Isn't this what blogs are for, outsourcing personal decisions? Right?

Do you wear glasses? Do you have one pair you wear all the time or do you match them to your outfits? I'd love to have a bunch of pairs to rotate through... that would involve actually wearing them, though. Baby steps!


ps: when i first got rayban wayfarer hipster eyeglasses i was so hip that they didn't sell them at the eyeglass store and i got them to replace the lenses in a pair of sunglasses... they were so confused! #hipsteralert

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  1. I like the last pair, both in shape and that two-toned color on you.

  2. I really like the two-toned ones too! Great minds with great names think alike!

  3. I like all the tortoise ones...maybe the first ones.

  4. I want to like Warby Parker, but I always find their glasses too too big. Maybe I'm still scarred from my first pair of glasses (at age 7 in the early 90s, I ended up with enormous 80s frames) but I just am not a fan of glasses that big.

  5. Been dying to try Warby Parker myself! How did it go?

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