Tie-strap Tank (Ogden Cami + Indiesew)

Thank you to Indiesew for providing the fabric used in this post, and thank you for supporting the businesses that make this blog a success!

Sometimes a project doesn't go exactly as planned... and turns out even better than you could have hoped! Originally intended to be a dress, this summery ruffle tank falls into that category.

When I first saw this gorgeous rayon chambray stripe on the Indiesew website, I was smitten--the pretty bubblegum color and preppy stripes practically threw themselves into my shopping cart. I first envisioned a second pink Adrift dress, but I couldn't visualize how the stripes would look with all those circular ruffles, so I decided to go with something simpler, a little Ogden cami dress with a bottom flounce and tie straps. I cut out two layers each of front and back to self-line the dress, and realized only after hacking my pretty fabric into all the different pieces that I totally messed up my stripe matching... in fact, the "lining" pieces I had cut with no regard to stripe placement actually matched slightly better on the sides than the pieces I had tried to match! Already frustrated, I sewed up the dress and left it to hang overnight before hemming and adding a bottom ruffle. It ended up hanging in my sewing room for a week, untouched. Never a good sign!

When I came back to it a week later, I still felt unenthusiastic about the dress--and I realized that the shape of the Ogden meant that the stripes tilted down at the sides, which would make the bottom ruffle and the elastic waistband I had planned on adding look super weird and compete with the fabric. I was feeling grumpy and guilty for wasting fabric and mad at myself for not thinking through the project, but after a head-clearing run, I made the decision (with some help and encouragement from instagram) to chop it off and make this little tank instead. Working with the fabric, not against it, I cut along a stripe on the front, creating a little raised hem. I dipped the back hem a little bit, and added a teeny ruffle along the bottom, using the fabric I had already cut out to use as a waistband tie. I tried it on and immediately felt a hundred times better about my creation! The high low hem looks great with my white high-waisted Gingers and the ruffle and shoulder tie details add just a little something special. I'm already thinking "wouldn't this be cute in oxford cloth/chambray/seersucker?" which is the true sign of a successful project, don't you think?

What sewing struggles have you had recently? Did you rescue or toss them? I've been known to do some of both.


ps: i got about 25 mosquito bites taking these pictures so i hope you appreciate the pretty backdrop! haha

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  1. Nice touches you added! Super cute outfi,and such nice photos!

  2. Looks like it was planned to be this top! Great save, I am sure it will get lots of wear.

  3. I like how you used the striped section for the ruffle. It's a nice touch. Also, our photoshoot locations have officially overlapped, ha! I was waiting for this to happen... This garden is right across the street from my office on campus.

  4. wow, splendid. from earrings to the blouse and to the beautiful location everything is looking like heaven. and as per your last question, i have had a tough time sewing a Afghani for my sister, it took long but the outcome was superb, i will share with you.

  5. This is SO cute. I love how feminine it looks. The stripes take it up another whole level!



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