DIY Seersucker Off-the-shoulder Ruffle Dress

I'm traveling as you read this post, so just a simple little project today! I'm currently en route between Kaysersberg and Zurich but these photos (totally unedited since I'm posting this using my brother's laptop which he lent to me for 5 minutes only and keep it plugged in so I have power to watch Battlestar Galactica!, sorry!) were taken in Strasbourg--I climbed all the way to the top of that church (Notre Dame de Strasbourg) despite my fear of heights--my whole body was trembling by the time we reached the top!

Last year, I made a pretty blue seersucker dress and ended up with one long strip of seersucker left over, that I made into the ruffle of an off-the-shoulder top, the rest of the top being white cotton. It didn't end up looking how I envisioned it, but at that point I was convinced I needed a blue seersucker off-the-shoulder-top, so I ordered a bit more of the original fabric and made a little dress! Usually I wear it with a slim leather belt but today I paired it with the bow from my original blue seersucker dress since I had it on hand and since it coordinates, might as well, right?

This is the easiest/best way to make a dress like this--you really don't need a pattern, you just use a bunch of rectangles in different sizes and a piece of elastic, no zippers or anything! I used it last summer to make my black eyelet dress (which I lovvvve) and this is made in the same way, just with an extra ruffle on the bottom (and a white cotton voile underlining). The bottom ruffle is the original strip left over from the first project, and it worked out that it is just about twice as wide as the hem of the dress, so if you want a similar ruffle on your version of Megan Nielsen's tutorial, just cut your dress a bit shorter and then cut a ruffle twice as long as the dress and as long as the amount you shortened the dress by (plus 1 1/4 inches for seam allowances) to gather and attach at the bottom. That way your dress ends up the same length and your ruffle is nice and full.

I have a nice collection of seersucker dresses at this point--I'm envisioning one more, in yellow, and I'm thinking of using this pretty vintage pattern (the view with the ruffles). No such thing as too much seersucker, and no such thing as too many ruffles, don't you agree?


ps: i hope these past couple of weeks have been pretty seamless--maintaining a blog while traveling is tricky but i think i got it figured out for the most part!

allie J.

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