Green Shorts (Thread Theory Jedediah)

I've stuck Alex in front of the camera today instead of behind because I am sick sick sick! Back to regularly scheduled content aka dresses soon.

Two years ago I made Alex a pair of elastic-waist corduroy short shorts--and tackled my first fly front ever! After having made myself a few pairs of pants and feeling pretty comfortable with fly zippers, I figured it was time to revisit the pattern and make another pair. These have a pretty different look in this kelly green cotton sateen (received in a Sew Conscious box and so not my color, but matches Alex's wardrobe perfectly) than they do in grey corduroy, but the only change I made from the first to the second pair was to only elasticate the back waistband in this second pair where the entire waistband is elasticated in the first pair (and the original inspiration, chubbies). Although I still struggled with the fly zip and ended up using my HG zip instructions from the Ginger Jeans, I could really tell my sewing has improved since making the last pair--they went together quicker, I felt more confident, and the overall look is much more polished. The corduroy pair, you'll notice, doesn't have belt loops or back pockets, because they seemed scary to me, so I skipped them! (My Birkin Flares also have no belt loops.) This pair I did belt loops and back pockets and everything... and for the next pair I am even going to do welt pockets. Promise.


ps: doesn't his watch (first seen here) look so nice? it has aged beautifully since my mom first made it--she almost didn't even recognize it when she saw it last!

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  1. Wow Allie these shorts are amazing! So professional you should be REALLY proud of yourself. He's a lucky man... your mom actually made his watch?? It's handsome too just like your Alex :)

  2. great color! perfect for guy shorts! I think it is fun seeing skills improve...welt pockets here you come:)

  3. He's a natural in front of the camera 😂😂😂



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