Inspiration: 70s // Modern (Vogue 1558)

70s style has been trendy for the past couple of years, but I've been a little reluctant to sew much in that style since it just... so 70s! I'm a die hard 60s girl, y'all know me. I have made and loved a few things that are 70s-ish--this dress is even a 70s repro pattern--but when I finally caved and bought a real 70s vintage dress pattern after seeing The Love Witch I couldn't figure out how to sew and style it to not look costumey.

When I saw the Fall Vogue patterns though, V1558 jumped out as the perfect 70s-ish look for me--it's a Rachel Comey design, not a vintage reprint or anything, but it has that lovely high collar, long statement cuffed sleeves, and pretty below-the-knee hem of a 70s dress, not to mention some gorgeous pleats!! In a drapey knit, it's totally Halston-ish, right? Since 70s style is alll over stores (well, websites) I wanted to style this dress two sliiightly different ways: a retro look and a more modern look with a slight seventies influence.

I have all the supplies for this pattern, and I'm excited to get sewing--I picked out a coral jersey that I think will be perfect for late summer/early fall. The cover image is made in a red and blue printed silk jersey, but sadly you can't see the pleats at the waist and on the sleeves. In a solid jersey, I'm hoping the pleats will stand out more; I think it will be really nice. Wish me luck!

Does this dress seem 70s glam to you, or is it just me? Any tips on sewing Vogue patterns? I always admire them from afar but I haven't made many at all!


ps: happy friday the 13th, y'all! seems perfect for a love-witch inspired project to start on october 13, don't you think?

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  1. I had seen this pattern, thought it was pretty, but kind of shrugged it off. But once you mentioned the love witch I was on this freight train to the 70's with you. I feel it, especially this styling.



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