Last Summer Look (Sewaholic Rae)

After doing some complicated sewing, a simple "true beginner" project is a wonderful treat--I purchased the materials for this project, went for a run, took some blog photos, even traced the pattern, and still had this project done by dinner. That's a nice feeling, don't you think? Bonus: I love the result!

I got both the pattern and fabric for this little spur-of-the-moment project from Downtown Knits in Apex, NC. It's a little out of the way for me, but was over nearby to take these photos and stopped in to say hello after Nikki invited me via instagram. Honestly, I was so surprised I hadn't heard of them before considering they specialize in my two favorite things: sewing and tea! The majority of the store is dedicated to knitting, but they also have a little tea shop, a sewing classroom, and a small but very well-curated selection of fabric--including lots of Cotton + Steel! I picked up a yard and a half of the light blue colorway of the Rifle Paper floral on quilting-weight cotton, and the Sewaholic Rae skirt. I have a long history of putting this pattern into, then taking it out of, my Sewaholic shopping cart, but supporting a local business is a good excuse for pattern purchases, right? Right.

The reason I had decided against this pattern in the past is because it is so simple--an elastic waist skirt in two fullnesses and two lengths. This pattern was actually designed for a beginner sewing class setting--that's how easy it is! However, I knew that I would like the pattern and knew that even the simplest pattern would be worth it because I absolutely love Sewaholic. Sewaholic patterns are drafted for pears (oh hiii) and while obviously that doesn't matter so much for an elastic-waist a-line skirt, for other patterns it makes a huge difference, so I always feel confident sewing up a Sewaholic pattern as-is without making a muslin.

The shape of this skirt is so much more flattering than a regular gathered-waist skirt made with a rectangle, and it is SO easy to make. This is view B, the fuller of the two shorter skirts. From Sewaholic: "View A is an above the knee skirt with a slightly full silhouette. View B is the same length as A but with more fullness, and View C is a knee-length version of view B." I love this length--it's flirty but not too mini (I'm 5'7")--but I want to try the longer one too! I also have lots of hack possibilities in mind--I've already used this as the skirt on a my Helmi shirtdress and I think for my next Rae, I want to add pockets, and I'll try and give it a flat front waistband and keep the gathers in the back for a slightly more polished look but still super easy afternoon of sewing.

Do you prefer the challenge of a long, complicated project like a coat, or do you gravitate more towards projects you can get done in a few hours? I know some of y'all have little kids... they tend to make that decision for you!


ps: this pattern is great for quilting cotton too--see? perfect perfect perfect for beginners and the waist goes down to 24" if you know any tweens interested in learning to sew!

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  1. I love it! The fabric looks gorgeous sewn up in a skirt.

  2. could you sew this up in a fall color and wear it with tights and boots?

  3. I'm a pear who loves sewaholic too. I haven't bought this pattern for the same reason but it turned out super cute. I used to enjoy a challenging sew but now with a toddler I am just happy to finish something. Maybe I should rethink this skirt😉



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