Lounge Separates (Hey June Santa Fe)

 Thank you to Indiesew for providing the fabric and pattern for this top!

I may have said last time that that was the last time I'd be making pajamas for a while, but what I really meant was that this time is the last. I'm just addicted to loungewear apparently! It helps that now that I have a serger, sewing up this type of project takes mere minutes...

Since I've been wearing my Sloane sweatshirt a ton lately, I wanted to make a little pair of matching lounge shorts, and then I decided that since the sweatshirt is too hot to wear as pajamas (at least in October in North Carolina!) I should really have a lighter-weight matching top to swap out... right? (Is this how your sewing decisions are made? Just me?) Allie had this lovely super-lightweight heather-grey knit in the Indiesew shop that I knew would be perfect as an oversized Santa Fe top--I'm on a Hey June kick after my successful bell-sleeved Charleston! I sized up and love the result; this is officially the most comfortable top I own and it is getting a lot of wear in the evenings after work.

One word of warning--pay attention to the care requirements for this fabric! I washed it on medium heat and threw it in the dryer, instead of washing on cold and line drying as instructed, and it developed a bad case of tiny pinpoint holes. Oh no! Since I'll be wearing this in my house, it doesn't matter, but be aware that anything made with this fabric really should be line-dried.

The shorts are another pair of Lexi Chick Boxers--a really dreadful name, but a nice, easy pattern that you can crank out several versions of in just a few minutes! This time I added a drawstring as well as elastic in the waistband, and turned the waistband and hems to the wrong side to coordinate with my Sloane, since I used the wrong side of the fabric for the hem, cuffs, and neck band of that pattern. I wish they were a little bit slimmer through the leg since the thicker fabric makes them pretty voluminous, but honestly, figure-flattery was not topmost in my mind while making elastic waist french terry shorts? Paired with this tee, I have created the world's most comfortable outfit, and if it isn't also the most attractive thing I've ever worn, well, I'm okay with that.

I've been sewing with all these knits recently because I love that it stretches my skill set--I feel pretty confident with all different types of woven fabrics at this point but knits are a little out of my comfort zone. I also have a special project coming up (it's all planned and ready, I just have to sew it!) that is in a knit, and I really want to get it perfectly right. I can see how addicting sewing knits can be since it only takes a few seams and a lot of fitting can be eliminated by using stretch fabric! Plus, there are so many knit patterns I've never explored...


ps: i also recently made alex a matching sweatshirt (seamwork paxton) and sweatpants (true bias men's hudsons) for his birthday and he hasn't taken them off since, so we're like all heather grey all the time now in our house! send help! :)

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  1. Love these. I've been looking for a pj pattern just like this. Love the Santa Fe top!!

  2. Great advice re care for this fabric! I'm guilty of treating all my fabric the same - into the wash and dryer and let's see how it does :) So far I haven't had a problem but yours is a good cautionary tale to keep in mind! Love your pj's - this is what I wear around the house all summer long :)



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