Comfortable Cool pt. 2 (Butterick 5926)


For about ten years, my go-to layering piece year round has been a J. Crew Jackie cardigan. Sadly, I've found that "they just don't make them like they used to" and newer Jackies I've purchased haven't lasted as long as the ones I bought a decade ago. As I retire old, worse for the wear cardigans, I've been trying to replace them with some new silhouettes, and so as soon as I finished Alex's knit blazer I decided I wanted one for myself! This blazer/cardi and this skirt are the first couple of pieces in my little winter capsule if you missed that post!  I ordered a plain navy ponte at the same time as his dotty version because I wasn't sure which one he would like and knew I'd end up using both eventually... I didn't know just how soon it would be! Since it's a ponte knit, it's basically the same comfort level as a cardigan, but a lot more put together, as I mentioned when I made his.

Mine is a little more boring than his in solid navy, but it's just as comfortable and versatile (perfect for looking put together on the plane!) and I really love the fit when worn open, although I just made a straight size 10 and should have really graded up at the hips if I want to wear it buttoned closed. I used Butterick 5926 view D (the longer version) and just managed to squeeze it out of a slightly too-short yardage. The instructions for this blazer are slightly different than the men's Simplicity blazer--that one had a back neck facing and this one does not, so the construction order as written was a little different. I decided to draft a back facing and do it the same way as the other one, but then bumped into the issue of having to sew those tricky angled collar seams twice. No fun!

I've paired it with my white Gingers, which I still just love. I've just received some black denim from Harts Fabric to make my third pair of these jeans--I never thought jeans would be a tried and true project for me! I'm also wearing a handmade sweatshirt, a Seamwork Paxton that I made for Alex for his birthday and which obviously did not fit him, since it fits me perfectly... I swear I cut the right size according to the size chart, so I'm not sure what's up with the sizing. I have picked out a different pattern for the next try, I'm done fighting with Seamwork!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a wonderful weekend for my non-US readers)... remember, ponte is perfect after a big meal! :)


ps: this employee favorite navy twill also arrived with my Harts order and it's an allie favorite too now--it's sooo nice and soft.

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  1. I love all of these makes! Great job Allie!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing a decrease in quality of the Jackie cardigans!

    1. No! It's such a shame as they are a classic and I haven't found a similarly cut cardigan anywhere (LL Bean and Lands End cardis are a bit longer/boxier). My oldest ones are from high school which makes them 10 years old and are all starting to quit on me just now, while most of my newer ones only last a few years :(

  3. So what about the bag? Waxed canvas--did you make it?
    I find that all of the Seamwork patterns look like they are designed for people who don't know how to sew! They are mostly shapeless rectangles. Also, the sketch they use of a "curvy woman" is totally out of proportion. The head size should be about 1/7 of the body height. They have the head far too small and it makes the curvy woman look out of proportion. I have written them about this with no action. I do applaud them for showing a range of body types and ages.

    1. My mom made it! She makes them herself and then waxes them with her own blend :) The leather is vegetable tanned leather from Tandy Leather and they are attached with pretty copper rivets. Any time she brings these bags with her anywhere I steal one :)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the models looked weird!! I thought maybe it was just me being used to unnaturally tall fashion illustrations but those heads are tiny!!

  4. Well done! It looks great and fits in with your ladylike, preppy style!



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