Party Dress Patterns (Vogue 9291)

earrings - shoes - clutch (less expensive) - lipstick (Peut-etre is the perfect neutral) - fragrance - faux fur wrap 

Holiday party season is here and I've chosen a somewhat unlikely pattern as my seasonal cocktail-party go to... Vogue 9291. Yes, this is an "accessories" pattern!. It's classic vogue in it's weirdness but in between the wearable shower puff and the strange felted...thing they snuck in this absolutely. gorgeous. top, meant to be worn as a wrap over a strapless dress I believe.

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know I have sort of a thing for crop tops, and this pattern struck me as the perrrrfect top to wear not as a wrap but as a top, paired with a full skirt, for a sort of modern Ceil Chapman look in two pieces instead of one. Here I've paired it with the high-low view of V8980 for a little bit more drama, but I've made a wearable muslin of this pattern in a sunny yellow seersucker (because I had it on hand) and with a flirty little mini skirt I feel like I should be on the French Riviera--perfect for my cruise in March! Now I have to decide: I'm tempted to make this in a crisp white oxford cloth that I could dress up (with a full silk faille skirt and some sparkles as shown here) or dress down (it would pair with everything high-waisted in my closet, but imagine it with my blue gingham skirt, for example, eee so cute right?!), but it does look glam in the called-for satin... what do you think? One of each? Watch this space for a Christmassy reveal!

What are you making for holidays? 
I've rounded up some more options, both vintage and modern, if you haven't quite decided yet:

a reprint of the original behind the inspiration (that draping!)
a prim and proper silhouette with sheer details
flirty favorite (seen herehere)
unexpectedly sexy (would be great with a sparkly sash for waist definition)
lovvve this new pattern if you're up for a challenge
the best cocktail dress ever (I'm biased)


ps: did you happen to catch my muslin on instagram stories? i think it has a perfect retro look... for such a random pattern, i think it will be a new tnt pattern for a few of us based on the messages you sent me! xoxo

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  1. I love this! I can't wait to see the final look!

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