New Year's Two-Piece Dress (Vogue 9291)

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Happy New Year! On this first day of 2018, I'll share one of my last projects of 2017--and one of my favorites! This year I wanted to do a modern homage to 50s designer Ceil Chapman, and took inspiration from the gorgeous portrait necklines and figure-flattering draping... but in the form of a two piece dress, a skirt and a crop top made with Vogue 9291! I've worn this to a few outings already and had so much fun wearing it; it's easy to wear and makes me feel super super glam!

The skirt I used is a simple dirndl skirt, the type you make with a few rectangles gathered together. I had pulled out a few more skirt patterns as possibilities but they were all based on circle skirts and required more yardage than I had. My favorite part of these skirts is that they are very efficient to make as far as fabric usage--I won't call it economical since one as full as this requires yards and yards but they use every single square inch.  This type of skirt is a classic 50s style and looks great with a petticoat like the one I'm wearing here! Ps: The poofier the skirt, the smaller your waist looks in comparison! ;)

The top here is the star of the show! It's made using Vogue 9291, which is actually on of Vogue's "accessories" pattern and includes three other scarf/wrap patterns. I believe this wrap is meant to be worn over a strapless dress to provide a little more coverage, and it would be gorgeous serving this purpose--I imagine it with a coordinating floor length gown (hello M7281)but it would be amazing with a wiggle dress too! Y'all know that I'm sort of obsessed with crop tops, though (also have you ever seen anything strapless on this blog? no.) so I had to go with the top and a separate skirt! When I'm standing still, it mostly looks like one piece, but when I move, the top and skirt move independently and you can see little glimpses of skin--nothing too wild though!

Although this is a designer Vogue pattern, I found it simple to make, especially given how complex it looks sewn up. The pattern calls for satin and "contrast" poly organza (for seam bindings--I went with my serger instead ;), but it looks great in this shirting for a crisper look or even novelty quilting cotton for a rockabilly look (calling all Viva Las Vegas attendees--imagine this in a great print with a high-waisted wiggle skirt). I made a straight size small with no adjustments.

Before embarking on this version, I made a "wearable muslin" of this skirt/top combo in yellow seersucker (with a more casual skirt) and immediately fell in love. Changing up the skirt style and fabric take this from a glamorous Old Hollywood frock to the perfect retro beach look, but you'll have to wait for that version: I'm going on a cruise in March and I think I'll wait to photograph it in warm weather--and with a tropical background! I also want to hack this into a proper dress, and I'm scheming how to do that--I think if I sew the pleated wraps into the opposing side seams I can add a skirt and insert a side invisible zipper...

One last plug for this new favorite pattern--if you serge your seams instead of making organza binding, this is a quick sew! Wondering what you should wear for a Valentine's Day night out? Not any more you aren't--plus, if you're catching this on January 1st, there's a $5.99 sale on the Vogue website...


ps: this looks SO CUTE with a swimsuit too as a little cover up! and now i'm pondering how to make it into a bikini top for glamorously lounging by the pool...

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  1. Hi Allie,

    I really love this dress! It looks amazing and so chic. You mentioned that you serged your seams. I'm looking into investing in a serger to take my garment sewing to the next level and I wanted to know what serger you used. I know so few people in real life who have one that I'm having a hard time finding recommendations.

    1. Hi! I have a Brother DZ 1234! It is the only serger I've used so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it works fine and jets the job done :)

  2. What a super cute outfit! And their wearability as separates is great too! :)



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