two piece "shirtdress" (sewaholic rae and granville)


I shared this shirt previously here and I mentioned then that I made a little matching Rae skirt with the leftovers. I've worn them each of these pieces alone--the shirt goes with basically everything and the skirt is really cute with a tee shirt or Breton top--today I've paired them together styled as a faux shirtdress!

This skirt was born of having too much fabric to just toss, but not quite enough to make the pattern properly; I had to make some adjustments based on my very limited amount of material! First, the Rae skirt has three views: a full mini, a regular mini, and a knee-length version. My favorite is the full mini, but I didn't have quite enough of my fabric left over to make that one, so I cut the sides from one mini and the center front and back from the other--I can't remember if it's the sides that are full or the center though, sorry.

Also, after making my first Rae as written, all the others were made by gathering the skirt into a waistband. It's just a long rectangle, nothing fancy, but this time I didn't have enough material to even do that! I debated making a ribbon waistband but ended up going with a new-to-me type of elastic inspired by the boxers I was making at the same time--so if this gathered waistband looks a bit like your boyfriend's boxer elastic, that's why! It uses less fabric than the gathered waistband as written and minimizes bulk at the waist to keep my "shirtdress" streamlined, so it all worked out well in the end.

You may have noticed I really like making two-piece outfits, and although this is my first two-piece shirtdress, I don't think it will be my last. It's so nice to relax and make a little skirt after the precision of a collared shirt, and it's great to have two pieces that you can wear separately or together.

Tragically this skirt waistband is slightly too large, so I really ought to take it in slightly. Will I do it? We shall see.


ps: a bit of early springiness here on the blog... in fact I was a bit warm in this outfit. not super excited about summer.

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  1. Could you share a little more detail on how you made the elastic waist on this skirt? Did you just fold over the top and sew a channel for the elastic? And is it a special type of elastic?

    1. Yes! The method used in this tutorial is the way I applied my elastic:

      so you just press the raw edge under and then stitch the elastic directly to the fabric. It's often used for boxers or lounge pants, I think! Here's another tutorial if it helps to have a few references!

    2. Thanks! I really like how streamlined it looks...gathered skirts usually look too poufy on me, but this seems like something I could pull off. I think you’ve just convinced me to buy the Rae pattern and give it a try.

    3. Rae is perfect for that reason--there is a slimmer version, of course, and the light gathering combined with the flared gores means it's a good amout of fullness without too much bunching at the waist. Hope you like it!

  2. The dress idea is great Allie, thanks for share!!!



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