Seersucker and Sunshine (V9291 & Sewaholic Rae)

Thank you to my friend Ben for taking these photos on a very windy day of our cruise--it was, in fact, much too windy to wear a skirt without holding it down constantly and I changed into my white gingers and navy Linden very shortly after these photos were taken, but I felt very glam in this outfit and can't wait to wear it again!

This combo, in a summery yellow seersucker, was my "wearable muslin for" my navy New Year's Eve two piece. I love how this top, V9291, can go from seaside to gala depending on fabric choice: in seersucker, it's perfect for a summery day, but in silk satin, like on the envelope cover, you could wear it to a ball. You might notice that the skirt I chose for this version is a bit slimmer than the evening version in navy; while I went full and fluffy in a dirndl skirt and petticoat for the formal look, I chose my recent favorite, the Sewaholic Rae, for this version, since it's a bit more casual. There's not too much more to say about my modified Rae, you've seen it over and over at this point, and not too much to say about the wrap top either--it's not too tricky to make, looks adorable, and is well worth the $5 I spent on the pattern at my local JoAnn, even if you toss out all the other views in the pattern. Snap it up quickly though, Kathryn Brenne, the designer, said it's selling really well!

Invite me to a summer outdoors party and there is a 97% chance I will arrive wearing this and my yellow wedge sandals (seen here)--I would have worn them here but I had limited space in my suitcase! I've never worn much yellow before but I've been trying to embrace my natural pale shade and I've decided that pale pale yellow doesn't look horrible on me. What do you think, do you wear yellow or steer clear?


ps: here's a mini cruise review! we sailed on the Carnival Vista, which was lovely and clean, well staffed, and had great food. i was impressed all around! if you are a shade-seeker like me, the Serenity deck had lots of covered seats, a bar area that opened every day at 2 (and easy access to a downstairs bar if you wanted a morning bellini or bloody mary... or tequila shot, whatever), and a salad bar that was open from 11 am on at-sea days. my primary complaint about the cruise overall would be lines at the buffet (easily avoided by eating at other specialty locations on board) and a lack of vegetables for this vegetable lover--no one else seemed to mind but i eat a lot of veggies and resorted to ordering basically every vegetable side every night. eating mostly pescatarian was easy, but eating strictly vegetarian would be more challenging, although options are available. i mostly sat in a cabana reading Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and drinking Gin and Tonics and had a perfectly lovely time.

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  1. This looks so pretty! It’s great to be able to actually wear a wearable toile.

  2. It's funny, but I've also recently decided to embrace colors that I previously avoided and one of them is yellow. I can't do pale yellow, but harvest gold or mustard type shades actually look pretty good on me. I have long stuck to cool colors almost exclusively; it's nice to have a much wider pool of colors to choose from now that I've broadened my horizons. Although maybe that also carries a risk of stash augmentation in those new colors...Something to look out for ;)

    Oh, and when I saw your pics in this post, my first thought was "aha! More matching faux dress sets!" They look so cute on you!

  3. I think most shades of yellow--up to mustard even!-- look good on blondes or those with lighter hair. I'm not one of those so I only wear yellow in accessories but I think it looks great on you.



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