Spring Outfit on Repeat (Grainline Linden & Closet Case Ginger Shorts)

This ultra-simple outfit barely merits a post, but y'all, I really like to blog evvvverything. That way when I need to pack for a trip I can scroll through my blog and remind myself what all is in my closet. Do you do that too?

The top is a size 4 Grainline Studios Linden, no modifications, made with a super soft and cosy organic sweatshirt fleece from my new local sewing shop, Freeman's Creative. I went a month or two ago and the fabric selection was tiny but so well curated--lots of nice quilting cottons, all the big name apparel brands (i.e. cotton and steel) and a nice shelf of high-quality knits. Amelia, the owner, has been hard at work curating more and more fabrics too, so I'm excited to go back and see what new things she's picked out!

My mom is a Grainline devotee and has made tons and tons of Lindens to wear both as sweatshirts and more tee-shirt-like tops. There's a pretty high likelyhood of her wearing one whenever I see her. Having made one myself I can see why! I love the fit--this is no alterations--and it's so, so easy to make. I cut and sewed this one the morning I left for my cruise (and was very thankful I did since we had some chilly days) and it took only a few hours.

The only thing I had a problem with was my neck band. I'm not sure if my fabric stretched out or if the sweatshirt fleece simply wasn't stretchy enough to use it as the neck band (you're supposed to use rib knit for cuffs and neck band), but I had a beast of a time easing it on. If I made this again in this same heavier weight of fabric, I would lengthen the neckband. This neck turned out fine but... not perfect. Who cares when it's so cozy though, right? In the end, I really like the shape, the length of body and arms, and the slightly-large neckline, which adds a nice feminine touch to an otherwise pretty boring, but practical, shape.

I'm a bit behind the trend when it comes to the Linden, it seems like everyone and their mom (or, maybe just mine?) has tried and loved it. Do you ever make a pattern wayyyy at the tail end of the popularity curve? Or do you jump on a pattern as soon as it comes out?

On the opposite side of the coin, when I went to make my shorts I did a little search and I'm a bit surprised that there aren't wayyy more Ginger shorts floating around out there given the popularity of the jeans. Plus, making shorts is a great way to "muslin" the waist, rise, crotch curve, and depending on how long your shorts are, thigh of your jeans before you cut into that Cone Mills denim you spent a fortune on.

These are the same shape as my black gingers through the hip and crotch, but I took them in a bit more through the waist and lower back, I think because my fabric is a bit stretchier. I cut the legs at about 6" down from the crotch point, straight across (perpendicular to grainline), but ended up taking a few more inches off. I asked for opinions on cuffed or raw hem on insta stories and you were all over the place, so I went for both. these cuffed, frayed hem is a little neater than a frayed hem, but  a little bit more casual than cuff or a sewn hem... a good middle ground I think. I zigzagged about a half inch in, and I'm hoping they fray a bit more as I wash and wear them.

I can. not. emphasize. enough. how much I love the pocket stay in the high-waisted Gingers. Literally every time I pull on these shorts or my black gingers, I'm reminded about how good they feel to zip up, with just the right amount of snugness, and every time I pull on my Grana jeans, which I otherwise love, I'm reminded about how annoying it is to have to retuck your pockets into your pants! Just like in my first pair of white gingers, I used a lightweight cotton in a nude shade to minimize show-through. Why all white jeans don't have this, I don't know.

Having made these shorts, I'm practically back in my original situation--since I really only ended up needing about a yard total to make these (in a small size, FYI), I have a little over half a yard left... again. Any ideas on what to make with it now that I can't reorder extra? I'm almost tempted to make a jeans skirt but that seems verrrry abercrombie c. 2005, no?


ps:  re ginger shorts, just look at this amazingness. also, compared to the unisex seamwork paxton that i've also made, this raglan sweater is 900 times better and totally worth the extra expense. just in case you're deciding between the two :)

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  1. Great job on your Ginger Shorts and the Linden! And thanks for the shout-out! Woohoo! I love how you frayed and cuffed your shorts and the white is such a nice, different approach. I also totally agree with the Linden being wayyy better than the Paxson. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had an issue with it. ;-)

  2. Woohoo, would you look at those gams! :D The shorts look beautiful and so do you. Great work on them :D

  3. This is such a lovely outfit! I really love the linden it’s such a great pattern.

  4. Great outfit! I’ve got about 1/2 a yard of cone mills dark wash denim. Any interest in trading and making some dark jean shorts?



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