Lace Skirt (Measure Fabric)

Thank you to Measure Fabric for providing the fabric for this project.

I have a simple project today in a knockout fabric that shows how important fabric choice can be! This skirt is just a simple dirndl-style skirt, that is, just a rectangle gathered into a waistband with a ruffle added to the bottom. The lace, on the other hand, is a beautiful large-scale black guipure-type lace with an unusual design, that just makes the look pop! Although I had originally thought I'd make a dress, I had second thoughts when I remembered this simple black Ogden cami in my closet, and thought a skirt would be more wearable than a whole dress in such a statement texture.

Since I didn't have a matching black solid on hand, I tried something new and used a grosgrain ribbon as the waistband. I've always wanted to try this technique and I feel like it added the perfect finishing touch to this skirt! I only wish I had a bit more left over--I wanted to make a little bow brooch that I could pin on to the waistband if I was feeling extra glam, but I ran out. (If you are looking for a tutorial, here is an old Gertie one. I just folded the ends under and used a skirt hook & eye instead of the bow finish. Here's another one that's a bit closer to what I did!)

I do have a little bit of lace left over, however, which I'm thinking will be enough for at least the front of an Ogden cami... so maybe I can have that dress look after all!


ps: i don't see this fabric on their website but send them a line on instagram since i know they have some in stock!

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  1. I like the idea of the grosgrain waistband. Did you fold yours or use two lengths? I think it would make more sense to sew the inside grosgrain first so that you would be sewing on the grosgrain ribbon last and having more control over the top stitching that will show. On your one link the ribbon is folded and I would think that would be an easy way to go.
    Your skirt is lined with what looks to be a flesh-toned fabric. Where would you wear this skirt? It wouldn't be suitable for work. It seems like it would be great for a night out, and styled as you have it (leather jacket) makes it casual trendy rather than prom night.
    Did you serge the seams? I am always happy to get ore construction details!

    1. Your assumptions are correct--i did fold the ribbon length wise and attach the interior layer first, then topstitch down the outer ribbon. I serged the inside of the skirts and the upper part is interlined with a nude rayon (I think, it was from my stash). I wore it out on a date and then to a bar with friends, and I'll wear it to similar events in the future--cocktail events, dinner parties, etc.



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