Rae Ruffle Slip (Sewaholic Rae)

This is an extra-sweet little post that is both totally necessary and completely ridiculous at the same time: a vintage-inspired slip using my favorite skirt pattern, the Sewaholic Rae! I wear a lot of skirts, and don't typically line my handmade clothing, which means I wear a lot of half slips. I don't know why, but wearing a full skirt with nothing underneath (I mean, besides underwear) feels so naked to me! I own a very boring white poly slip (purchased years ago in a moment of skirt-clinging-to-tights desperation) and a slightly prettier bias silk slip I made ages ago (blog post here), but when this post popped up in my bloglovin' feed I knew I had to add a ruffled slip to my collection as soon as possible!

Mine is a bit different than the inspiration garment since I wanted an elastic waistband for comfort, which means gathers at the waist. Since the Rae is a gored skirt, it isn't as gathered as my full dirndl-style skirts and lays nicely underneath them. I also used the less full of the two mini-length views for this slip, so actually, I can wear this under my Raes (as seen above) if I want to since almost all of them are the fuller view!

I used a white seersucker from my stash and a little snip of white elastic topstitched down. Because of the fabric, this is a summer-only slip; it won't prevent your skirt and tights from sticking together, but it is light and breezy under fuller skirts for hot summer months!

I made only some very simple changes to the Rae--this is a pretty easy pattern hack! I cut off the waistband, shortened hem by about 6", added a gathered rectangular strip to the bottom, popped on a ribbon bow at center front hem, and voila!

Do you prefer to line your handmade clothing, or wear a slip?


ps: that blog (which appears to be called "carrot") is one of my favorites for vintage sewing, even though i can't understand a word on it! :)

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  1. I go back and forth on linings vs. slips. I love linings in RTW, but I kinda hate sewing them in my me-mades. I think you've struck something with sewing slips.



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