Seersucker Scrappy Top (Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse)

As a pear-shaped person, I've wound up with a lot of Sewaholic patterns over the years. Generally, whenever they have a sale, I add one or two to my collection--I really should just buy the lot and not have to pay for any more shipping, but as my tastes change and sewing improves I feel like there is always one there that didn't previously catch my eye. Tragically, Sewaholic is no longer (although I've been saying that for ages and every time I do, the new owners pop up out of the woodwork to say "new pattern coming soon"--I've yet to see it materialize, but let me know if it does I guess) but that just means I can catch up on stockpiled patterns not yet made, including today's top, the Pendrell!

If you are looking at this top thinking "so cute, just like a Ralph Lauren crazy shirt" a) you must be from below the Mason Dixon Line and b) thank you! On the other hand, if you are thinking "Allie has officially gone round the bend, what is that" the answer is that having cleaned up my stash a bit I decided to make this "semi-wearable muslin" using all the scraps of seersucker I had left so yes, it's a bit wild. This took some doing, it's pieced in about 100 different parts. Yes it looks sort of wild. That's what we do here in The South.

As far as fit, I made a straight size six and didn't change anything on purpose, although in all my piecing I accidentally cut the back in two pieces, so it's about 1/2" narrower than intended to be. Since it was in two pieces anyway, I added a simple back neck keyhole, and I actually prefer this and will probably add to future versions. I also shortened the princess seam ruffles about 2-3" due to lack of fabric, so they are slightly less ruffly than written (though they are the intended finished length on the bodice). I suppose I could use a swayback adjustment, but I'm not sure if it would make it difficult/impossible to get over my shoulders, since it doesn't have any closures (yay!). The length as written is really long, almost tunic length, on my 5'7" frame, so keep that in mind; I lopped off the original hem and rehemmed this one, and I'll be shortening the next one several inches.

The only downside to this pattern is that sadly, it doesn't have a proper sleeve piece--if it had a nice little short sleeve, I would swap that in with some combination of ruffles and make infinite versions. As it is, I will probably still make several versions--I was distracted by the cute ruffles when I bought this pattern, but noticed while sewing that it's constructed much like a fitting shell, making it a good base to fit and then hack from! I think it would make a really sweet ruffly nightgown and would be easy to hack into a dress using my patented rae + elastic waist method. I'd also like to draft a little peter pan collar for it--the sleevelessness and close but comfortable fit will make this the perfect layering piece under cardis and sweaters! I have big plans for this blouse--expect to see it again!


ps: (you can see the original seersucker projects here here here and here <YELLOW ONE)

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  1. Too many ruffles for my age/taste. One ruffle is one too many. I prefer more classic styles.

    like your coral wool coat with bow. That is a keeper. I even bought the pattern.

  2. Completely adorable!! I need to sew more, how do you find the time? :(

  3. I love it! The ruffles look structural and dramatic, but wearable. It's like how the Capitol would dress Katniss Everdeen on a casual day.



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