Sew Your Hart Out September (Megan Nielsen Ash & River)

Just dropping by today to say I have a guest post up on the Harts Fabric blog as part of Sew Your Hart Out September (one of my favorite events of the year). Hop on over there to read my full reviews of Megan Nielsen's River top and Ash jeans, both in Telio fabric from Harts!


ps: spoilers--rave reviews all around

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Peter Pan Granville (Measure Fabric)

Thank you to Measure Fabric for providing the fabric for this project.

I have a documented love for Peter Pan collar blouses dating back basically to the verrry beginning of this blog. I think it may be a subconscious holdover from the uniform I wore as an elementary school student, which was a little plaid pinafore worn over a peter pan collar blouse. So cute! Before I knew how to sew, I lamented the fact that there are very few adult-sized peter pan collar shirts and fewer without puff sleeves--these two things seem to go in pairs and I hate hate hate puff sleeves! Now that I have a go-to shirt pattern, the Sewaholic Granville, it was an obvious next step to change the collar slightly to create the peter pan collar shirt pattern of my dreams! I just rounded off the collar points to make this change. It's a very simple alteration that just gives the shirt a slightly different feel. Since the rest of the shirt is still very traditional, it's not over girly even with the sweet collar.

I also rounded off the sleeve cuffs. The fact that it echoes the shirt collar nicely is a nice bonus, but the primary reason for this change was practical rather than aesthetic--it's a bit easier to sew and means if your button and buttonhole aren't perfectly aligned, it's not quite so obvious as the square cuff. All of the Ralph Lauren button down shirts have a slightly rounded cuff!

This shirt's collar and cuffs are the best I've ever done, I think, and I'm very proud of the plackets on this shirt--all of which comes down to the fabric! This shirting from Measure Fabric is very crisp, so it pressed amazingly and I think it will be very durable in the long run since it is so tightly woven. It reads as blue to me, but when selecting thread from the display I was surprised that it matched best with the pale purples, not the blues. Maybe it looks purple to you?

I have a little bit of this fabric left over so I'm going to see if I can squeeze a sleeveless version out of it; I mentioned in my Fall/Winter sewing post that I wanted to make some layering pieces for under sweaters in the winter, and I think I might be able to use the rest of this to make one if I use something else for neckbands, sleeve binding, etc. Creative pattern cutting is always exciting!

How do you feel about Peter Pan collars? Yay or nay?


ps: are you impressed i said i was going to make something and basically immediately made it, instead of just repeating my intentions year after year and never doing it (cough bambo coat cough) because I am!

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Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

In February I wrote up my spring/summer sewing plans and although I didn't check off everything on my list, I really enjoyed having my list to refer back to when I was in a slump. I'm back with a fall/winter list with the same expectations: I probably won't make everything that is on this list and I will definitely make things that are not, but it's nice to have!

I still have a few things on my #menswearmakenine grid to make: a peacoat, a trench coat, and the sweatshirt, pants, and tee from the Japanese everyday clothing book I purchased last year. I really want to finish nine separate items, but I might mix it up a little bit in order to complete them all--I doubt both a trench and a pea coat will get competed by the end of the year--but I could definitely do a sweatshirt (I even have the fabric), tee, and try a couple of the different pants patterns. I am interested in doing a pair of drawstring waist chinos (as seen in the Paris FW Hermes show), and the pea coat is still on my list.

As for me...
1. The Waffle Patterns Bamboo coat. I have some blush pink fabric in the mail (c/o Minerva Crafts) to make a Bamboo coat after years of talking about it--and I made a muslin and it's so weird! I tried on this Sessun coat at Liberty which has a similar cocoon shape and really liked it but for some reason my Bamboo coat muslin feels weird. I'll tackle this though! Once I make one version, I'd like to make a second in some camel wool I've had for a while, with a full thinsulate lining, etc., for warmth. (I've been muslining on instastories! Also, doing projects in collaboration with fabric stores is always a great motivator--it's how I made my first pair of jeans, too haha)

2. A second pair of black jeans. I loved my first pair in this Telio fabric from Harts and I was so excited to have that little bit left over that I needed to make some cutoff shorts. I wear them a ton because I can wear them to work (no denim allowed, but black jeans are okay), but I want to make a second pair to distress for maximum girl gang vibes--and this time, I'm going to try out the Megan Nielsen Ash jeans to do a little compare/contrast. (You make have seen this on my instagram stories as well!)

3. Black Rae skirt. I wear my others so much, I'd like a plain black version.

4. Sleeveless white Granville shirt. This doesn't sound like a winter make, but I'd be making it to wear it under sweaters. I love having the collar peek out of a sweater, but hate having my sleeves all bunchy. Sleeveless collared shirt for layering = problem solved.

5. A pair of raw denim jeans. I sent my first pair of blue denim Gingers off to my friend Nat at Nite Tacos for some embroidery so I'm in need of a new plain pair. I'm not sure which jeans pattern I'll use, Ginger or Ash, but anyway, details/plans forthcoming--this will be A Project.

Actually... that's about it. I'm feeling a bit minimalist at the moment and have done some destashing in my sewing room, decluttering in my home, and made a huge bag of clothes for a clothing swap at the end of the year with friends. I'm in much more of a paring-down mood than a creative mood, and I don't think that's a bad thing. (Plus, I'm sure it won't last long.) I'd expect to see more styling outfits rather than new stuff on the blog in then next few months, although I do have some fun things coming up, don't worry!


ps: omg i apologize if this blog gets super boring: jeans, yet another rae, another granville?! so many repeats

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