Memento Mori (Clothes for All Seasons)

Thank you to Nick of Time for providing the fabric for this project, and thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. For 15% off your order from Nick of Time fabrics, use code ALLIE15.

It's not October without one spooky make, right? I got the idea for this memento mori sweatshirt from Madeline, who recently made an awesome Brooklyn sweatshirt. I immediately wanted to copy her (#sorrynotsorry) but I am much less cool and do not live in Brooklyn. Since I knew I wanted a black sweatshirt with black text, a seasonally-appropriate phrase seemed to fit the style and the month!

I was honestly surprised at how difficult it was to find a good RTW-style sweatshirt material--I looked in all my usual places and read a bunch of reviews and it seemed like most of the sweatshirt fabric available was going to be stretchier and/or lighter than I wanted. After a lot of searching I tracked down some actual RTW-sweatshirting (from Champion!) at a new-to-me fabric store, Nick of Time. They even had the matching Champion ribbing, too, so my sweatshirt is, like, super professional. I think the number one thing home sewers can do to make their garments look handmade, not homemade (aka Becky Home-Ecky) is appropriate fabric selection. Knowing that this is exactly what a certain brand is using for your chosen application makes that a bit easier, don't you think? Obviously if you know that Wrangler uses this denim for jeans, it's a safe bet that you, too, can use it for jeans. (They have a ton of fabric from J. Crew too!! omg)

The pattern is the men's sweatshirt from Clothes for All Seasons in a size small, with a whole bunch of modifications changing the style--adding a split hem, lengthening cuffs--but you could use whatever sweatshirt pattern you have on hand (I like the Grainline Linden a lot too). By the way--there are a bunch of patterns out with this hem recently, but it's so so easy to add to a pattern you already have; I wouldn't recommend buying a new pattern just for this small detail.

To make the appliques, I used leather scraps left over from this jacket--it's pretty thin, so it stitches on easily. After cutting them out, I laid them down how I wanted them, and then lifted them up one at a time, sprayed the back lightly with spray adhesive, and replaced them on the sweatshirt. After they were all nicely stuck I just topstitched around the outsides! My topstitching is not perfect but it's passable.

Don't forget--use code ALLIE15 for 15% off of your next purchase from Nick of Time!


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  1. Oh this is awesome! Totally inspired to do some leather scrap lettering of my own sometime now



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