Pattern Comparison (Megan Nielsen Ash & Closet Case Ginger)

If you didn't see these photos--first start at my post for Harts Fabric!

For this post, I'm comparing the Megan Nielsen Ash Jeans and the Closet Case Gingers, both made out of the same fabric--the Telio Allego stretch denim in black. These are my third or fourth pair of Gingers, so they are starting with a bit of an advantage--I've tweaked the fit each time I've made them, improving it slightly each go.

The Gingers are view B, the high-waisted skinny, and the Ash are view 2, the skinny leg (all views have the same rise). Gingers on the right (slightly faded), Ash on the left (distressed)--you can click to see extra big versions:

Here are the technical details!

Closet Case Ginger
Price: $18 USD
Views: a low-rise slim leg, and a high-rise skinny are included in the pattern, plus a flare expansion ($7 extra) and a separate mid-rise pattern ($12).
Size range: waist 24-39"

Megan Nielsen Ash
Prince: $20 USD
Four views included, all with the same mid-rise: skinny, straight, flare, and wide leg. Three lengths: crop, regular, and tall.
Size range: waist 24-36"

My sizing: I am 5'7" and my measurements are a 26/27" waist and a 38/39" hip. I grade between an eight and a ten in the Gingers and then take the waist in a little extra bit. For the Ash, I originally graded between the 27 and 28, and took the waist in to about the 26. I ended up sizing up to the 28 waistband and squeezing an extra half inch out of the side seams (3/8" seam allowance instead of 5/8"). The only style change I made to the Ash was to cut the waistband along the stretch of the fabric (as suggested by Lara) and to add 3/4" to the rise, to match the rise I like in the Gingers. (The Gingers' rise as written (for the high waist) is 9 1/2" and I prefer it with an inch added, and the Ash is 9 3/4", so I just added 3/4" here for the same rise overall--although they still ended up a little shorter, not sure why).

- The Ash jeans fit really well out of the envelope--I really like the shape--but were quite small all over!
- The Gingers have those genius pockets that go into the zip and suck everything in. Lovvvve those.
- The Ash jeans have a great way of applying belt loops that I will steal in the future.
- The Ash jeans have a better fit through the small of the back for me--I usually have to scoop a little out of the yoke of the Gingers (vertically and horizontally). Could be just because they are tighter overall.
- Something is weird with the Ash sizing--especially the waistband, I'm not the only one who thinks it is really wildly tight.
- I prefer the zipper installation for the Gingers. I have heard a lot of people prefer the Ash instructions though, so it might just be that I am accustomed to the Ginger method.

Which should I buy?
Although the Ash Jeans are slightly more expensive, you get more leg views for the price, so if you aren't going to be disappointed to find yourself in a larger-than-RTW size, and a mid-rise works for you, go for the Ash. If you anticipate fitting into the largest size, be warned: cut large seam allowances for the outseam or you risk not fitting into the size range. If you really want a low and high-rise and don't anticipate making flares or wide leg jeans (or don't mind paying extra for a flare leg), go for Gingers, which also have a slightly larger size range.

When I make my next pair of jeans, which pattern will I use?
Wait and see! aka I don't know. It's a close call, but I'm leaning toward Ash to try and nail the fit.


ps: there will be another pair of jeans soon but then... no more jeans for a while. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this comparison!! It's very helpful! I do have one question though: did you make any changes to the crotch of either pattern? I've made the Gingers but I can't seem to get that area to fit properly, so I'm wondering if the Ash jeans have a different crotch curve straight out of the envelope? (P.S. sorry I said crotch so many times!)

    1. The crotch curves are prettttty similar I think, just a slightly different angle going into the center front seam. What is the issue you are facing? (also if you send me a DM on instagram I am more likely to respond promptly FYI haha)



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