Spoonflower’s Quick-Sew Project Book (Review + Tutorial)

Hello! I have mentioned before that Spoonflower is right around the corner from me (like, less than 10 minutes from my house) so I always enjoy partnering with them--we're neighbors! Today I'm here to help launch their new Quick-Sew Project Book.

The Quick-Sew Project Book contains tutorial-style instructions for 34 different projects of varying skill levels and the book is divided up by amount of fabric needed--from a swatch (8" x 8") to a few yards. I've never seen a similar arrangement and I think it's so smart--we all have those smaller scraps of fabric we can't let go of or one-yard pieces that we're not sure what to do with.

Everyone participating in this blog hop is personalizing the Two-Swatch Sunglasses Case--it's such a clever design, utilizing a pair of 8" by 8" Spoonflower swatches to make a cute pouch. I made mine with two coordinating prints from the same designer. On the outside is this glam velvet. On the inside, the same pattern, in a neutral, monochrome colorway.

The full tutorial for the pouch is available on the Spoonflower blog here--it's super easy!--but today I'll just show you how I added a cute scallop trim to the top of mine. First cut two 8" lengths of trim. If you only have a little bit, you could also cut one and put in on one side of your pouch only.

Pin the trim to the top and bottom edges of your swatch, scallops facing in.

If you are using velvet, like I am, you might want to baste your trim on! This just prevents it from shifting around later.

Then place your zipper face down and sandwiched between outside and lining as instructed in the zipper pouch tutorial.

And the same for the other side.

 Complete as instructed in the full tutorial and you are done!

So cute, and perfect for holding pencils, thread snips, sunglasses, credit cards, or any other small items you want to keep nice and safe.

Check out all the other customizations by going to the Spoonflower blog, and if you want to make your own sweet projects, you can use coupon code "QuickSewAllie10" to get 10% off your order of the book from the Spoonflower site, making it less than $25! This book is a perfect gift (the holidays are closer than you might think!) but it's also a nice present to yourself--and you can even make some of the projects within to give as gifts themselves! Win-win, right?


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