DIY Raw Denim (aka Higher Standards part 2, Megan Nielsen Dawn)

Here is part two of what will be a three (probably) part series on this pair of jeans! In part one, I mentioned that I wanted to make a pair of raw selvedge denim for myself and that I was thiiinking about using the Megan Nielsen Ash. I sent her a message asking about straightening out the out side leg seam and sizing up for a less-stretchy fabric and she let me in on a little secret: she was going to be releasing a non-stretch jeans pattern! My plans immediately changed, obviously, and when she offered to send me a copy of the pattern to review I was so thrilled!

The Dawn pattern from Megan Nielsen is "a classic high waisted rigid jean set" that includes tapered, straight, and wide leg views as well as a shorts version. It also has a button fly, which is perfect for raw denim that might shrink and warp your zipper (although I went for regular zip fly).

I initially made a muslin in the size 10 since the Ash jeans ran small on me; my measurements put me between an 8 and 10 but it's always easier to go smaller! They were pretty large, so I ended up sizing down to the size 6 for my final jeans, and probably should have gone down one more size since my fabric did, in fact, have a teeny bit of stretch. I ended up taking them in along the outseam from waist to high hip and all along the inseam, as well as some extra out of the inner thigh--the fit on this variation is "tapered" rather than skinny/slim, but I wanted a skinner fit. Combined with the width I took out of the waist, I've made this pattern significantly curvier than it is as written, I think, just FYI. Although I ended up modifying the fit through the thigh, I really love the fit of the lower leg.

I actually just bought the last 2.5 yards of this fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club, so this isn't the last you'll see of this fabric. I was thinking of trying out the Ash skinnies again in this same material, so you can see the difference the leg angle change makes to fit, and I can sort of go from both directions, making a stretch and non-stretch pattern with this slight-stretch fabric.


ps: as a side note--Megan Nielsen really kills it when it comes to variations! the Wattle skirt has four versions as well and they are all super different, which makes it such a bargain.

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  1. I love how you have the selvege on the coin pocket! Very nice jeans. I can't wait to see how they look when you eventually wash them.

  2. This is a great-looking pair of jeans! Love the selvedge for the coin pocket, too. Out of curiosity, to what degree are you able to clean them without washing (in the case of smaller stains, I mean)? That would be my undoing with raw denim I think, lol!

  3. Oh man, is there any way to be a sewist who likes making jeans without developing ~*feelings*~ for denim? That slight gunmetal sheen is so beautiful! Wide cuffs with visible selvage! <3 Great pair!



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