Lunch Bag Clutch (Measure Fabric)

In this first foray into leather bag making I wanted to stick to something really, really simple; like my leather jacket, this bag has no closures or anything fancy. It just relies on that iconic lunch bag shape for interest! Obviously I am not the first person to have made a lunch bag clutch. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) they were popularized (but not invented) by Jil Sander and there have been tutorials online for DIYing this super simple clutch bag since like, 2010. Here's just one of many tutorials if you want to make your own. The dimensions of mine are 11" by 26" to create a bag 11" high with a 4" by 6" base (use 1/2" seam allowances). I love the color--like a real lunch bag!--and it's big enough to carry your essentials. Plus, the neutral color will go with everything, as seen here--I've staged it on my new clothing rack which has been so so fun to play around with. I expect you'll be seeing lots of it in the future.

Measure Fabric was really helpful in picking out a leather--this one is thick enough to hold its shape but thin enough that my machine had no problem sewing through all the layers of this clutch! Having an expert you can ask for help is my absolute number one tip when it comes to sewing new types of garments or accessories. When I made skinny jeans I called Harts and had them recommend a denim, when I made a bra I asked Erin about 900 questions (and bought a kit designed specifically for my pattern so I knew I would have everything I needed), and when I made this clutch I chatted with the ladies at Measure, explaining what I wanted to make and what sewing machine I had, so they could ensure everything worked out smoothly. You don't have to be an expert on everything, but it's really nice to know a bunch of people who are!

I have enough leather left over to make an identical clutch, and I'd like to give it away!! Obviously you don't have to use it to make a lunch bag clutch, but it will come to you in the perfect lunch bag clutch size, so if you decide you want to all you have to do is sew four really easy seams and stick a piece of cardboard in the bottom... dead simple and would make a great gift!

To enter the giveaway go to my instagram, follow me and @measurefabric, and like and comment on this post. See you there!!


ps: would it be too much to pack my lunch in this? ;)

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