Nude Lace (Orange Lingerie Berkeley Bra & Evie La Luve Bella)

There's something nice about sewing yourself lacing undergarments in the winter, when they'll be covered in about a million layers, don't you think? It brings to mind delicate lingerie peeking out from oversized cashmere sweaters, even if I'll be wearing mine mostly under very practical daywear, rather than those impractical "just reading a book in my lacy underwear, don't mind me" outfits you see on tumblr.

I kept the same changes I made the previous times, but actually changed sizes from the 32C to the 30D--going down a band size while maintaining the same cup volume. Since the D and up sizes use a 3-row hook and eye closure, I then had to change the back band slightly back to a 2-row hook and eye closure--after all, a 30D is not a large volume despite the letter (see also: all the small bust adjustments I have made). This is the best fitting bra yet--and these little tweaks to fit are basically addicting, I can see how people get super particular about bra fit! I might actually size up in the cup one more letter for the next one. Endless tweaks!!

I was determined to make a little set this time, with matching undies. This is the Bella panties pattern from Evie La Luve and it's just perfect--I actually had this in my stash from a year or two ago when I ordered a kit. I've worn the pair I made with that kit a ton but it never made it onto the blog.

Finally, I'm ashamed to admit that while I have been signed up for Project Sew My Style for the past two. years. this is the very first month I'm participating in. But when you have a gorgeous kit in your stash just waiting to be sewn up, you have to join the club and sew along. (Plus I eventually want my drawers to look like this.) But! My friend Maddie is taking over Sew My Style for 2019 and I'm super excited about the changes she's making and the people she's hosting with... so if you haven't heard of Project Sew My Style, definitely go check it out!


ps: in these photos you see that when you have a small band size a D cup is... not very large haha my rtw bras are all 28DD and it's not really as exciting as it sounds. 

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