Winter Wish List

I know what my big present is this year (a very nice trench coat my parents bought for me in London) and is it bad that I just have gift cards on my wish list this year? After a whole year of fasting, I'm ready to get my RTW on in January!

1. Cuyana wallet: I have a Cole Haan wallet that I love--I got it on Gilt years ago and it's held up really well apart from one encounter with a dog--but it's slightly too large to fit in my favorite vintage bag. I've just been shoving my cards in the bottom which is... not the best idea.

2. A.P.C. gift card: I'd love to get my hands on one of A.P.C. minimalist bags--their half-moon bags are simple and iconic and that black crocodile one is just perfect isn't it? A gift card will help me get there. They also have the greatest stripey breton top... It's so impossible to find that thick knit jersey, I think this is something it's easier to just buy.

3. Harts Fabric gift card: I have sung the praises of Harts Fabric before (like, constantly) and they always just have the best stuff--even if I don't have any fabric in mind, I'll always find something I have. to. have. at Harts.

4. Winc Wine Club gift subscription: Maybe it's because I listed to too many podcasts--practically all of them sponsored by Winc at some point--but the idea of personalized wines just showing up at my house? Yes, please.

5. Donations to Direct Relief: In the spirit of the season!

Is this the most boring gift list or what? At the moment I've been saving money for a future kitchen remodel and feeling like I have so much stuff in my house (and especially in my sewing room!) already.


ps: if anyone wants to give my a kitchen remodel that would be fine too, thanks.

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