Woodland (Klum House Woodland Dopp Kit)

Just in time for the holidays I have a super easy project that is perfect to gift--assembled or as a kit! The Woodland Dopp Kit comes as a kit from Klum House and since I admired their tote bag kits on instagram they offered to send me a review copy. I made it in a couple hours before leaving for Thanksgiving at my parents' and gifted it to Alex to use while traveling. I'm happy to report it fits all his toiletries--not just his aesthetically pleasing ones as seen here--and is long enough for a full tube of toothpaste and toothbrush!

One suggestion I have for new sewers--or "new to _____" sewers--is that a kit can make alllll the difference! Trying jeans for the first time? Get the kit. Bras? Get the kit, the one that matches your pattern. First time sewing a bag? Kit! I just think it's such a relief to know with absolute surety that the bits and bobs you have for your project are exactly the right ones. I had such a fun time putting together this kit (that I got for free from Klum House) that I ordered a kit for their Fremont tote bag during their Small Business Saturday Sale (with my own money). Having all the leather pieces come prepped (cut out, holes for rivets punched, etc.) was such a time saver. I know that buying a kit isn't always cheaper than sourcing all the individual pieces but it can be really tricky to find a bunch of pieces that fit and coordinate and are the right length, etc., etc. and especially for a beginner project it's nice to not have to worry about that! The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the final project looks so nice; it's fully lined and adorable inside and out.

The tote kit I purchase coordinates with this dopp kit--a black zipper and leather details and black and brush brown waxed canvas. My original intention was to give it to Alex and make a neat little set. However, if it turns out as well as the dopp kit did, I think I'll have to keep it to myself--it's just so cute! Luckily, Klum House also has a Fremont tote finishing kit so since I already have the pattern (and some stash canvas) I can make another while still not having to worry about leather and metal parts; best of both worlds, I think!


ps: maybe alex will get this totepack instead--doesn't it look perfect for lugging around D&D stuff??

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