Black Linen Shirtdress (Sewaholic Granville)

I promised to show you the original black version of my Granville shirtdress in the post for the blush version, and here I am delivering on that promise, at the risk of making this blog a Granvilles-only blog. By the way, although Harts did provide the fabric for the blush dress, I bought this fabric myself.

The two differences between the blush and black versions are the waistband and the gathers. For the blush version, I raised the waistband slightly. This one is just a touch below my natural waist. The blush one is just a touch above my natural waist, although not empire. I thought I would prefer the slightly raised waist in version two but in fact I think I like them about the same. The black one is a little bit looser than the blush, as well. I didn't write down the measurements for the waistband between versions so they aren't exactly the same.  This is how I make skirts--I just measure my waist every time.

The second change I made was to redistribute the bodice waistline gathers. In this version, all the excess bodice material was just gathered to center back. This gives the front a sleeker look than the underbust gathers seen on the pink but the side seams do tilt backwards a bit. It doesn't bother me but it might if you a fit fanatic!

This black fabric is the same as the blush one, just a different color (obviously). Having used it for two dresses I can say with confidence that I really like it. I saw a similar rayon/linen blend sold elsewhere as "silky noil" and I agree that it does have a texture reminiscent of a silk noil, but it's under $10 a yard, so... you can expect to see more of this fabric in the future!


ps: yes, this is practically the exact same outfit as the blush dress but in all black. it's a winning combination, what can i say?

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  1. This is beautiful! I love all of the different ways that you are hacking the granville.

    1. Thank you! It's fun to try and get as many garments as you can from one pattern haha



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